Oil Change Inverness

Taking proper care of your car comes with owning a car. Regular oil changes and maintenance checks are what keep your car from breaking down or needing serious repairs. Oil changes help clean the oil in your engine and keep it running smoothly. The cost of getting regular oil changes is a fraction of what an engine repair will cost. The next time you need your oil changed come to Kranz Auto close to Inverness, Illinois. Our mechanics make sure that your car is always in the best care, even if you’re just coming in for an oil change. We want to make sure your car runs smoothly and lasts.

At Kranz Auto we are known for:

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Benefits of Oil Changes Inverness, Illinois:

If you are looking for a new auto shop in the Inverness, Illinois area for your next oil change then stop by our shop today. Oil changes are important for your car and engine. We recommend that you change your oil every 3 months or every 3,000 miles. If your car sits in the garage a majority of the time then you can get away with waiting longer to get the oil changed. Oil changes are fast, easy, and affordable at Kranz. All of our oil changes include: oil, chassis lube, light bulb check, filter, fluid level check, tire pressure check, and belts and hoses check. Some of the benefits of oil changes include:

  1. Cools engine– keeps your engine cool, preventing your car from overheating. When cars move the parts rub together and create a lot of heat and friction. If they are not properly lubricated then your car will end up overheating, putting your engine at risk.
  2. Helps gas mileage– the cleaner the oil is in your engine, the less fuel consumption your car will use. It has been proven that gas mileage can be improved by 1-2 percent!
  3. Removes particles and sludge in engine– keeping your engine clean is important because dirt and particles can harm your engine. Regular oil changes help remove everything and keep your car in great condition.
  4. Maintains engine– oil changes keep the engine and parts lubricated under the car. They help prevent the engine from breaking down by keeping it lubricated from all of the moving parts that create lots of heat.
  5. Keeps your vehicle lasting long– keeping your engine clean and maintained helps prevent dirt and particles from getting built up. Your engine will have a higher chance of breaking down or give you problems if it is not maintained because it has to work harder.

Signs you need an Oil Change

  1. Smell of Oil- could be a sign that you have a leak or that your car is overheating. If you notice the smell get your car looked at right away.
  2. Engine Check Light- this means that your car is severely low of oil. You can check your oil level with dipstick or bring it into Kranz Auto in Inverness, Illinois.
  3. Exhaust Smoke- this could indicate that there is an oil leak in your engine or there are parts that need repair in your engine.
  4. Loud Engine- dirty engine oil does not lubricate the engine parts as well as clean oil does so the parts will start knocking into each other creating loud noises. A simple oil change can help reduce the loud sounds.
  5. Dirty Oil- it’s a good idea to check your oil every month to check if it needs to be taken in earlier.


Needing your engine repaired or replaced can be avoided by getting your oil changed regularly! Take your car to Kranz Auto in Inverness, Illinois. If you have any further questions contact us at: 847-381-5585