Steering and Suspension Repair Deer Park

The average American driver puts on over 13,000 miles on their vehicle every year. By putting on all those miles, you are also causing a lot of stress on your vehicle. If you are like the average american and puts on 13,000 miles or more on your car each year, it’s important to have your car properly maintained. One important part on your vehicle is the steering and suspension. These allow you to drive smoothly and turn the wheel easily. If your steering or suspension is showing signs that it needs repairs, bring it to your local auto shop in Deer Park, Illinois. At Kranz Auto we are a full service auto shop! We offer steering and suspension repair and maintenance service. Our goal is to get you back on the road safely. Contact us at 847-381-5585 or stop by our shop today!

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Suspension Repair Deer Park

If you keep your vehicle’s suspension well maintained the longer it is going to last. The suspension on your car helps the steering work well and creates friction in between the road and the tires, allowing the steering work properly. Bring your vehicle to Kranz Auto Repair for Suspension maintenance and repairs for a smoother ride. It can benefit your tires, cause less wear and tear on other components of your vehicle and more.

Signs You Need Suspension Repair:

  1. Pulls when you turn – If your car pulls while you are turning it can be a sign that your suspension is failing. When your suspension starts to fail, the shocks don’t work well anymore. Take your car to Kranz Auto and we can repair your car quickly and get you back on the road safely.
  2. Dips when you brake – If your car dips when you brake it is a sign that your suspension needs repairing. This also causes your car to brake slower and can be dangerous.
  3. Rough when you drive – If you are experiencing a rough ride and feel all the bumps on the road, then you should have your vehicle inspected. This is a sign that your suspension needs to be looked at.

Power Steering Repair/Maintenance

Power steering is something we take for granted. Power steering and suspension makes driving a vehicle a lot easier. You are easily able to turn the wheels on your car. Without power steering it is very difficult to turn the wheel in comparison to power steering. Power steering maintenance is important in order to keep your steering run smoothly. If your vehicle is becoming difficult to turn the wheel, you should bring it in to get repaired or for maintenance service.

Signs Your Steering Needs Repair

Stay safe on the road while driving in Deer Park! If you notice any of the signs below, take your vehicle in to have it repaired right away! Your steering is extremely important and needs to be taken seriously if it is having issues.

  1. Dirty Fluid- If your power steering fluid has dirt or debris in it, it can cause your fluid to become compromised and wear down the steering system. Having your power steering flushed can help solve this issue. If you haven’t had yours flushed, contact Kranz Auto and we can do it for you.
  2. Problems with Power Steering Pump – If there is an issue with the power steering pump, your steering will not work efficiently or start to fail. Either way, if you notice any signs of your steering not working correctly, bring your vehicle to your local auto shop in Deer Park right away.
  3. Fluid Leak – if your vehicle does not have enough fluid it will cause issues. If you see any fluid under your vehicle or loud noises when you turn it is a sign that your power steering fluid has a leak. When this happens you need to bring your vehicle in to get repairs right away.

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Keep your car running great for decades to come with the help of Kranz Auto! We are an auto repair shop in the Deer Park area you can depend on. If you are having problems with your steering or suspension bring your vehicle into our shop right away. Our highly trained professionals will take great care of your car and get you back on the road safely. We can also help with brake repair and service, failed emissions repair, oil changes, tire rotations and more.

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