Auto Service Barrington

When it comes to your car, having a reliable mechanic is key. Kranz auto has been helping people with their automotive problems since 1946. With a company like that you know you are going to receive quality work at a great price. For over 70 years Kranz has been helping with Oil Changes Barrington, Brakes Barrington, Steering and Suspension Barrington, and other automotive troubles Barrington. So don’t risk taking your car to some shop that might turn its employee base over every other year. Come to the reliable techs at Kranz Auto.

Brake Services Barrington

When it comes to your vehicle, there are a lot of different parts. One of the most important parts of your vehicle are the brakes. The lifespan of your break pads all depend on many factors such as; how hard you ride them during a stop, the type of vehicle, the type of brakes you get and what kind of pavement you are stopping on. If you are experiencing noise or feel like its harder to stop, come in to Kranz for a break check!

Failed Emissions Test Diagnostics Barrington

If your vehicle has a check engine light on, most likely it will fail the emissions test. So if your vehicle is due for an emissions test or failed an emission test, bring it into Kranz and let us help you get things fixed. Sometimes the codes that are given from an error in your vehicle’s computer can be hard to read. Our technicians are familiar with these codes and can isolate your problem and fix it. Most often the fix is just replacing the sensor, but other times it could be more complicated, but our techs are up to the challenge and can get your vehicle back in working order quickly.

Steering & Suspension Barrington

Your steering and suspension keep you in control of your vehicle on the road. When you feel your vehilce pulling to one side rather than going straight, bring in your vehicle to Kranz and let the experts perfrom an inspection. Our technicians are well trained to identify problems on any make or model so you can always rely that we will take care of you and your vehicle.

Oil Changes Barrington

Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance starts with regular oil changes. By getting routine oil changes, it can extend the lifespan of your vehicle and keeps it running smoothly. Our highly trained experts know exactly how often to have your oil changed based on your driving habits and vehicle so you can always have a schedule in place.

Tire Rotations

It is important to get your tires are rotated to ensure that they wear evenly while also extending the life span of your tires. Even tire wear is also important for balanced handling. Failure to rotate tires on a front-wheel drive vehicle will eventually result in the front tires having significantly less tread than the rear wheels. In an emergency, this could make the vehicle more difficult to control, especially if the road is wet. Bring in your vehicle to Kranz, our technitians will keep your vehicle and tires performing in top shape. 

Winterize Your Car Barrington

Winterize your Car Barrington Everyone looks to the picturesque landscape of freshly fallen snow during the winter. However, no one wants to look at it while waiting for someone to pick them up after their car has stopped working. Preparing your car for winter doesn’t...

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Tune Ups & Timing Belts Barrington

Tune-Ups & Timing Belts Barrington A majority of residents in Barrington, Illinois use a car to drive to work every day. If you are like the average American who puts over 13,000 miles on their car each year, then you should be getting regular tune-ups done....

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Tire Rotation Barrington

Tire Rotation Barrington Everyone likes to get more out of their car. However there is one thing people can do to get more out of their tires, that is often ignored. Tire rotation can help increase the life expectancy of your tires. As you drive your car’s tires will...

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Steering & Suspension Barrington

Steering and Suspension Repair Barrington The average American driver puts on about 13,000 miles on their vehicle each year. By driving lots of miles, you are also causing a lot of stress on your vehicle. If you are like the average american and put on 13,000 miles or...

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Oil Change Barrington

Oil Change Barrington The engine is what keeps your car running. If you don’t take care of the engine with regular maintenance and oil changes then it is not going to run effectively. Oil changes help clean the dirt and particles from your engine keeping it running...

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Failed Emissions Repair Barrington

Failed Emissions Repair Barrington If it's time to register your car and get new plates for the year, you must pass the emissions test first! If your car fails the emissions test, you will need to take it to your local auto repair shop and get it fixed. After all the...

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Engine Repair Barrington

Engine Repair Barrington While most parts of a car can be fixed if completely broken, the car engine is more difficult to repair when it gets to that state. A car’s engine is like the heart of the car and needs to be taken care of when problems first start to appear....

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Brake Replacement Barrington

Brake Replacement Barrington When it comes to driving your car, there is little that is more important than making sure you can come to a complete stop. While there are a lot of factors that are beyond your control, there is one that you can control. Replacing your...

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Brake Pad Replacement Barrington

Brake Pad Replacement Barrington When it comes to driving your car, there is little that is more important than making sure you can come to a complete stop. While there are a lot of factors that are beyond your control, there is one that you can control. Replacing...

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