Tires Crystal Lake

Your car’s tires are like shoes. The better the tire, the better it performs, but not all tires are created equally, which makes getting the right tire for your car important. Even after purchasing the right tire, making sure that you keep an eye on them to make sure that you’re not running into a problem is as important as getting your oil changed regularly. Kranz auto knows what kind of tires you need, and what to look for when there is a problem. So don’t trust your car to a big chain that is focused on the money, bring your vehicle down to Kranz Auto and take it to people that care about you.

All Weather Tires Crystal Lake

The standard tire that you see on cars today is the all weather tire, and they are good at what they do. Out of all the types of tires around, they are the only ones that perform well in every weather condition, but not the best for the individual weather conditions. All weather tires are designed with elements from all types of tiers, being rain, snow, and slick tires. There is a difference between all the makes and models of all weather tires, and the experts at Kranz can help you pick out the right tires for you!

Snow Tires Crystal Lake

Snow tires are not for every vehicle, but for those that can handle them, it makes driving in a Chicago winter easy. Snow tires have deep treads that allow them to grip in even the slickest winter road conditions, and even can allow driving on ice, but it isn’t recommended. Snow tires do great in the winter, but in the summer and rain, they do not work as well. Their deep treads usually have a low profile as well, causing them to flex and not grip the road as tightly as all weather or slick tires.

Rain Tires Crystal Lake

Anyone who lives near Chicago knows it can rain a lot. Enough rain can create very dangerous road conditions where hydroplaning can happen, where the tire goes over the water instead of through and causes you to lose control as if you were driving on ice. Rain tires are specially designed to be able to avoid this, by breaking the surface of the water so that your tire goes through and down to the road below. In dry conditions, they perform about the same as all-weather tires but can cause a problem in snow, as the design can cause snow to become compacted around the tire creating a smooth surface that it can not break.

Slick Tires Crystal Lake

Slick tires, or racing slicks as they are also called, are designed for dry weather. These tires have the greatest surfacearea of any of the tires as there is no tread pattern. With a maximum grip on the road, slicks allow you to have the most power go to moving your car forward and gripping power on turns. However, even the lightest rain can cause slicks to lose all grip on the road, which is why they are only recommended if you are driving on dry, sunny days and can get someplace to wait till the road is dry after rain. Do not attempt to drive a car with slicks in the winter when there is snow on the road, as you won’t get very far.