Failed Emissions Repair North Barrington

 If your car has recently failed the emissions test, take it to our auto repair shop and have it repaired right away. Remember to bring the failed emissions form to show the mechanic what issues your vehicle is having. After it gets repaired you can take it back and have it re-tested. Not sure where to bring your car after it failed the emissions test? Bring it to Kranz Auto! We offer failed emissions repair services. We will do a full diagnostic test to see where the problem is coming from. Once we find any issues, we will let you know what your options are and can repair them for you at our shop!

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Failed Emissions Test North Barrington

There is nothing worse than having to take your car back to get an emissions test after it failed the first time. If you fail an emissions test, bring your car to an auto repair shop to get the repairs needed. Emissions repairs are not always expensive, so it’s important to get the repairs done right away to prevent any bigger and more costly ones from happening. A few of the common reasons why cars can fail emissions tests are:

  1. Check Engine Light –  If your check engine light is on then it will most likely fail the emissions test. Have it checked out first and get the repairs needed!
  2. Oil Change – dirty engine oil could cost you to fail your next emissions test. Dirty engine oil releases pollutants that can cause your car to fail an emissions test. All you have to do is get your regular oil changes and your problem can disappear. An oil change is a simple solution to this problem.
  3. Rattling Engine – there might be an issue with your exhaust if you hear rattling sounds coming from your engine. A broken exhaust can cause your steering wheel to shake and create loud sounds coming from your engine. A simple solution to this would be to get your exhaust repaired.

Clean Auto Emission North Barrington

Keep your car driving efficiently and prevent problems from occurring by keeping up with proper automotive maintenance services. Getting regular tune-ups and maintenance will keep your engine clean and car in great shape. With regular tune-ups you should have no issue in passing the emissions test in North Barrington, Illinois. Here are some easy tips that will keep your car running efficiently and help you pass the emissions test:

  1. Working parts – It’s important to make sure your car is in good condition so it will pass the emissions test. You can either take it to your local repair shop or check it out yourself to see if there is anything that needs repairing. 
  2. Clean fuel – keep your engine clean and grease free by using fuel cleaner to clean the valves. Fuel cleaner takes time to run through your car so you are going to have to wait a bit before bringing it in for an emissions test.
  3. Regualr tune-ups – regular tune-ups throughout the year will prevent your car from having any issues and it will catch any small problems you are unaware of. Catching those minor problems that can be fixed right early on will help prevent needing costly repairs in the future. If your car has regular tune-ups then it should be able to pass the emissions test in North Barrington, Illinois.
  4. Check engine light – In North Barrington you will automatically fail the emissions test if your check engine light is on. The check engine light cannot be on and has to be working. If it’s broken then you’ll most likely have to get it fixed and bring your car back for another emissions test. If you notice your engine light is on, bring it to your local auto shop in the North Barrington area and have it repaired.

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